Meeting Dr. Arpit Sharma at Study Conference - Canada 2023 Arpit Sharma

Meeting Dr. Arpit Sharma at Study Conference – Canada 2023

Meeting Dr. Arpit Sharma at Study Conference – Canada 2023

Meeting Dr. Arpit Sharma at Study Conference - Canada 2023 Arpit Sharma

It was a profound privilege to meet Dr Arpit Sharma , a paragon of fitness, at the CSC2023 – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference – Canada 2023 and various events hosted by All India Management Association (AIMA) Young Leaders Council AIMA

Arpit’s dedication to mental wellbeing is as profound as his commitment to athleticism, boasting a remarkable record as a marathoner and ultra runner.

His drive to innovate stems not only from a desire to heal the body but also to enrich mental wellbeing.

Each of his experiences and treatments is meticulously crafted through extensive global travels and evidence-based scientific research, blending elements of exercise, meditation, gratitude, and kindness to evoke pure happiness.

Arpit’s growth mindset and knack for forging deep connections have honed his expertise as a wellbeing coach, effectively aiding individuals from diverse backgrounds in enhancing their health and overall wellbeing.

Through his spa operations across India, he has impacted more than 5,000 individuals through various wellbeing products and services.

Renowned for his insightful contributions as a public speaker and panelist at national and international forums, Arpit’s multifaceted talents have earned him accolades such as Entrepreneur of the Year by ASSOCHAM 2018 and Best Customer Service at the Indian Wellbeing Conference 2017.

His profound understanding of the correlation between strategies and profitability, coupled with extensive partnerships in the hospitality sector, including joint ventures with over 60 star hotels, underscores his expertise in the field.

Arpit’s crowning achievement lies in the creation of “Unlocking Wellbeing,” a highly successful certified course for Amity University that emphasizes healthy living and evidence-based lifestyle choices.
This course, now integrated into the university’s orientation program, has benefited over 25,000 students.

Furthermore, Arpit has embarked on a groundbreaking venture with Anamyah , a pioneering wellbeing ecosystem that fuses hospitality, Ayurveda, and technology to empower users in their journey towards mental and physical wellness.

Anamyah’s curated, scientifically-backed experiences promote quantifiable growth in overall wellbeing, while its commitment to sustainability aligns with its promotion of net zero carbon trips at its hotel properties.

Best of luck for your new venture brother! Keep spreading the word of hope , health and happiness.

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