Missing "Good" : The Morning Syndrome

Missing “Good” : The Morning Syndrome by Arun Pandit

Missing “Good”: The Morning Syndrome

Missing "Good" : The Morning Syndrome

Good morning everyone!

I have been experiencing what I call “The Mourning Syndrome “.

Every morning when I engage with people, more often than not the first greeting is ” Morning Arun ! “.

I am not sure if it’s because they want to self assume the “Good” in the ” Morning Arun”

but by that logic, I can self assume that it’s ” Morning ” too and ” Arun ” is very obvious

or they are too lazy to add the ” Good” at the start of the day

or it’s maybe a trend … looks stylish … or gives a perception of being a hotshot.

I believe that every positive word that we speak exuberates positive energy and vibe!

Every positive word that we hear makes us more immune to external noise and disturbances.

So let’s not cut short everything!

” Morning Arun ” to me is okay-ish.

” Good morning ” or ” Great Morning ” is something I would love to hear Every morning!

Are you with me?

Please share your perspective and hit ” Good Morning ” or like if you agree!

Have a wonderful day ahead !





Missing “Good” : The Morning Syndrome

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