Logistics Industry in India : An Overview Logistics Industry In India Overview 00001

Logistics Industry in India : An Overview

The logistics industry in India is equipped with large number of unorganized players.

While there is a need for the highly fragmented Indian logistics market to get more organised,

So, it is required to reduce logistics cost to 10 per cent by 2022 from about 14 per cent now.

The Indian logistics industry has been gaining traction in the last few years and plays

It plays a very important role in facilitating trade and thereby propelling the growth of the Indian economy.

The logistics industry in india, considered to be the lifeline of the country, holds unprecedented importance.

Because it connects various markets, suppliers and customers dotted across the country.

It has now been firmly embedded as an integral part of the national GDP value chain.

The growth in logistics sector is expected to be driven by increasing penetration of products into more cities and towns.

In addition, the demand for value-added services from consumers provides opportunities for the industry players to elevate themselves to more strategic roles.

However, a significant economic fallout due to the novel coronavirus will result in slowing down the growth across the country’s highly fragmented and unorganized logistics landscape.

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