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Arun Pandit Invited to be a Member of the Young Leaders Council ( Y.L.C.) by A.I.M.A.

 I firmly believe that the youth may not constitute the 100% of a nation’s population but it constitutes the 100% of a nation’s Future . Its a great honor to be a part of the Young Leaders Council  by A.I.M.A.

I am looking forward to playing a pivotal role as an active member of the council. 

About arunpandit

Founder | Ex-Head of Sales (B2B) at LoadShare Networks | Featured author & Guest speaker at Multiple National and International events | Member YLC (AIMA) & FICCI National Logistics Committee | Ex TruxApp , BlackBuck , PayU & CEAT | Alumni of IIFT , GZSCET , Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra and St Mary's School Delhi

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