REI Expo

Cold Chain Logistics Panelist REI Expo 2023

Cold Chain Logistics Panelist REI Expo 2023

Cold Chain Logistics Panelist REI Expo 2023 REI 2023 Arun Pandit Cold Chain Panelist

Cold Chain Logistics Panelist REI Expo 2023

ūüĆć‚ú® Honored to have been a part of¬†REI Expo 2023, a beacon of innovation in renewable energy, energy storage, battery technology, and e-mobility solutions! ūüĆĪūüí°

As a panelist for the “Growth Pipeline Acceleration in Cold Chain Logistics” session, I’m thrilled to be contributing to the conversation on shaping a more sustainable energy future. ūüöö‚ö°

Had an incredible time sharing the stage with these visionary leaders at REI Expo 2023! ūüĆéūüí°

ūü§Ě¬†¬†Soumya Sinha¬†– Director ,¬†Frost & Sullivan
ūü§Ě¬†¬†Vivek Pandey¬†– CTO & CO founder ,¬†Ecozen
ūü§Ě¬†¬†Vinay Pabba¬†– COO ,¬†Vibrant Energy

Their experience and insights in the realm of sustainable energy and cold chain logistics are truly inspiring. ūüöÄūüĆŅ

The event was a fantastic platform for knowledge exchange, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share insights and ideas with industry leaders and experts.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are the driving forces behind our industry’s growth.

Together, we’re pushing boundaries and driving change for a cleaner, greener world. ūüĆŅūüĒč

Let’s keep the momentum going! ūüĆěūüĆź

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