Don’t Give Up World & Arun Pandit Accepted in Startup School by Y Combinator

Startup School is a free online course for founders actively pursuing their own startup.

Throughout the course, Startup School aims to accomplish the following:

  1. Encourage and inspire people to consider starting a company as a way to positively impact the world.
  2. Teach people about how to start a startup, and equip them with the resources and tools to help prepare them now and in the future.
  3. Build a community of entrepreneurs who can encourage and teach each other.

Startup SchoolIf you/your team are actively pursuing a startup, or will be starting one for the program. Sign up here.

In addition to having full access to all the lectures and class office hours, you will also:

Be assigned an advisor and join their group of companies. Advisors are members of the YC alumni network.

Have virtual advisory sessions, in the form of Group Office Hours, every week via online video.

Have access to a community of international founders through the Startup School forum.

Be responsible for updating your Advisor on your progress once a week.

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Written by arunpandit

Founder and Head of Sales (B2B) at LoadShare Networks | Featured author & Guest speaker at National and Internatational events |
Member YLC (AIMA) & FICCI National Logistics Committee |
Ex TruxApp , BlackBuck , PayU & CEAT |
Alumni of IIFT , GZSCET , Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra and St Mary's School Delhi


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