An Inspirational Journey: How Arun Pandit Conquered Despair & Ignited Success(Featured in Sakshi Newspaper)

Unleash Your Inner Fighter: How Arun Pandit Conquered Despair & Ignited Success(Featured in Sakshi Newspaper)

Unleash Your Inner Fighter: How Arun Pandit Conquered Despair & Ignited Success

Unleash Your Inner Fighter: How Arun Pandit Conquered Despair & Ignited Success(Featured in Sakshi Newspaper)



Don’t give up… Win!

What does it take to commit suicide? You need a lot of courage… If even a little bit of that courage is in us, the thought of suicide will scare us away. Success will befriend us. Where darkness frightens, streaks of light welcome you. They honor competence. Arun Pandit wanted to commit suicide… Once! Suicide is not the solution to any problem. You have to fight. You have to win, he says now! Let’s find out the story behind that change…


He remembered all his friends by name. For some reason, he felt like reading that message again and again. As he recalled them, he compared himself to them. In the process of reading this, he slowly began to understand the value of life. ‘Why am I no good compared to them? Incompetent’ he thought for the hundredth time. ‘It’s better to die than to live incompetently!’ This time, his closed eyes opened wide as he read it. A faint trace of fear. ‘Should I die?’ ‘What wrong have I done to die!’

“Fight back,” it called. At that time, a small thought flashed in him like lightning. “A small message saved me from a suicide attempt. How many people in the country are thinking of committing suicide due to various problems? What if I start a website to encourage them, to instill confidence in them?”

Arun Pandit in his college days in Sujanpur (Himachal Pradesh) was repeatedly greeted by failures. One day he faced a failure, the other day an even bigger failure. The biggest challenge was facing failures in studies. Every exam resulted in a fail!

He had a dream of joining the ‘National Defense Academy’. If his dream came true, the same people who had looked down on him before would then speak four good words. He wanted to join NDA to shut the mouths of his critics. He tried for the first time… Failed. He tried again… Fail.. He tried hard for the third time… Fail!

“Dreams only have the power to dream. I don’t have the power to make it come true,” he fell into despair. In addition to failures, illness also plagued Arun. He was hospitalized for some time. Then he failed the engineering entrance exam miserably. Setting a goal, having a dream… facing failure before taking a single step… life seemed disgusting. He felt that living or dying was the same. So he decided to commit suicide. ‘Failure is also a mistake. The punishment for that is death,’ he thought, taking his cell phone in his hands. He sent a message to all his close friends saying, ‘I am committing suicide. Goodbye’.

With a positive attitude…

Arun Pandit sent SMS. To convince Arun, inspiring photos are on ‘Don’t Give Up’. Anyone can send them. Not through letters, but through pictures to fill them with confidence. This is an attempt to fill them with confidence through the good words collected from the speeches of great people. Their success stories, where they invested their abilities, faced adverse situations, and emerged victorious. There are stories, poems, interviews, videos.

Arun Pandit is now not only the director of ‘DW’, but also a motivational speaker. His lectures, based on small things in everyday life rather than big books, inspire many people.

Based on small things, the lectures he gives are inspiring many people. He is constantly thinking about launching various programs and conducting online psychological counseling… Arun Pandit is nowhere near the enemy called despair!

Special Write up on Arun Pandit & Don’t Give Up Community Featured in Sakshi Newspaper.
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