Meeting Dr. Frank Jurgen Richter, Chairman at Horasis

Meeting Dr. Frank Jurgen Richter, Chairman at Horasis


🌐 Grateful for the enriching experience of meeting Dr. Frank-JĂŒrgen Richter, Chairman at Horasis, during the Horasis India Meeting in Adelaide, Australia. 🇼🇳 Representing India, All India Management Association (AIMA) , and Hyphen SCS at this prestigious event was truly a privilege.

đŸ€ Dr. Richter’s exceptional hospitality and effortless engagement with every individual at the event left me truly inspired.
As one of the world’s leading voices on corporate globalization and Asian business, his influence in shaping major business and governmental decisions is unparalleled.

🌍 At the helm of Horasis, Dr. Richter leads a management consulting company that empowers multinational corporations to develop strategies and become true global champions.

His book, “Tigers Leap: Asian Business Goes Global,” serves as a guiding beacon, encouraging organizations to grow globally for sustained success.

🔍 With a keen focus on Asia as a springboard for globalization, Dr. Richter’s unique ability to map the future through distinctive scenarios sets him apart. As a seasoned advisor with a global reach, his reputation for thoughtful insights and impactful proposals is unmatched.

🌐 Dr. Frank-JĂŒrgen Richter, the Chairman of Horasis: The Global Visions Community, has played a pivotal role in fostering cooperation between emerging and developed markets.
Horasis, with its flagship events like the Horasis Global Meeting, creates a powerful platform for envisioning a sustainable future.

🌏 Before founding Horasis, Dr. Richter served as the World Economic Forum‘s Director in charge of Asian affairs.

His leadership facilitated the exchange of expertise between leaders in business, government, and civil society, leaving an indelible mark on the Forum’s Summits in Asia and the Annual Meeting in Davos.

📚 An active scholar and applied management scientist, Dr. Richter’s educational journey in business administration, economics, and mechanical engineering spans Germany, France, Mexico, and Japan.

His expertise in international management, economic development, political economy, and geopolitical issues is reflected in his public speaking engagements and writings.

💬 Dr. Frank-JĂŒrgen Richter’s insightful discussions have reached prestigious institutions and media outlets worldwide, emphasizing the importance of understanding economic institutions and firm-level organizations.
His contributions to global dialogue have been featured in renowned publications and on international news channels.

🙏 Thank you, Dr. Richter, for your visionary leadership and commitment to shaping a sustainable and globally connected future.

Looking forward to continued collaboration and learning from your wealth of expertise. đŸ€


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