Vijay Thadani sir NIIT

Meeting Legendary Vijay Thadani sir, MD NIIT

Meeting Legendary Vijay Thadani sir, MD NIIT

Meeting Legendary Vijay Thadani sir, MD NIIT Arun Pandit Meeting Legendary Vijay Thadani sir MD NIIT

NIIT: 40 years, 40 countries, and 40 million students.
It was a true honor to be mentored by the legendary Vijay Thadani sir, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of NIIT Limited, one of India’s most trusted and prestigious learning and development organizations that is not only a leading Global Skills and Talent Development company but is also widely regarded as a true epitome of the “Make in India” brand and probably one of the country’s earliest technology startups.

When I was young, the de facto and most aspirational brand for getting trained in technology in Kullu was NIIT.

NIIT was a prominent brand that not only had a great reach but was also considered to be the best place to learn technology for students.

So meeting the person behind it was a wonderful and nostalgic feeling .

He was gracious and patient enough to understand Hyphen SCS‘s mission to digitize, optimize, and automate more than one million warehouses in India.

He also shared his valuable feedback and asked some very important questions that we need to think through in our journey of building an inspirational brand in our domain.

He shared his four-step process for creating a great culture in an organization:

1) Inspiration:
Binding the team to an inspiring vision
Like NIITs ” Reach a billion! Teach a Billion! “

2) Aspiration:
Enabling each individual to establish their aspirations and role in bringing that vision to reality

3) Respiration: 
The organization paves the way and provides adequate space, freedom to experiment, and the option to make decisions, as well as resources to help them achieve their goals.

It’s similar to the government providing the facilities and resources that foster development. It is now up to the people to make the greatest use of the resources and construct the future.

4) Perspiration:
This is the stage at which the leaders see the team grow and drive themselves to accomplish their aspirations, and hence the organization’s vision and goals.

I asked him what thrills him and makes him happy.
“Watching people Grow,” he answered quietly. Simply amazing!

I could have met with him online, but I prefer to meet in person because no technology can replace or recreate the energy and aura of a fantastic and inspiring person like him.

Thank you very much, sir, for staying past our scheduled time and for your encouraging remarks.

I will live up to your expectations and make you proud someday.
I’m excited to meet you and learn from you again.

Thank you Young Leaders Council AIMA and All India Management Association (AIMA) for providing me with the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of some of the best in the business. |

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