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When Sourav Dey logistics last mile Micro entrepreneur travelled 110 + km to meet Arun Pandit

I never thought someone unknown would travel more than 110 km just to meet me. Thank you Sourav for considering me worthy enough for your time. I am humbled that you consider me as your role model. It’s one of the best compliments anyone can hear about themselves. It feels great to see you build yourself into a logistics micro entrepreneur. I am confident that your attitude and your hardwork will take you to places. God bless you!

About arunpandit

Founder | Ex-Head of Sales (B2B) at LoadShare Networks | Featured author & Guest speaker at Multiple National and International events | Member YLC (AIMA) & FICCI National Logistics Committee | Ex TruxApp , BlackBuck , PayU & CEAT | Alumni of IIFT , GZSCET , Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra and St Mary's School Delhi

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