Arun Pandit meeting Suresh Prabhu Sir

Arun Pandit meeting Suresh Prabhu sir Former Union Minister

Arun Pandit meeting Suresh Prabhu sir

Arun Pandit meeting Suresh Prabhu Sir

Arun Pandit meeting Suresh Prabhu sir

Fan Boy Moment: Meeting Suresh Prabhu sir, Chancellor of Rishihood University , India’s Sherpa to the G7 & Former Union Minister of Civil, Railways, Commerce and Industry during an interactive session organized by  Young Leaders Council AIMA .

My father had retired as Director and he had the opportunity to work under his inspiring leadership for a brief period of time.

He was kind enough to take time out to understand our vision of building Hyphen SCS into India’s biggest warehousing and fulfillment platform.

The icing on the cake was when he graciously asked me to reconnect again to know more about our initiative.

Some of the key learnings from the session were :
* Precedence of wisdom over logic when it comes to the conservation of the environment
* Climate change now escalating from a business to a human existential crisis
* Indian Human Capital is the biggest hope and resource for Indian
* Global Warming not being a business agenda-oriented report but a unanimous warning across all countries with barely any exceptions anymore
*Unprecedented Geo Political changes expected in the next 2-3 years
* The importance of perception in international relationships: Peace comes from the barrel of the gun but you don’t necessarily have to take out the gun and expose your strength and weaknesses
*The lower probability of misadventure by countries due to rising debts
*India is one of the fastest growing economies but still, 80 cr+ people feed by government welfare schemes.
* Purchasing power is still low. Per capita income is still lower than 120 countries.
* India is an entrepreneurial society. Farmers are entrepreneurs and the biggest risk-takers in society.
* G20/G7 contributing to 80% of global GDP
* The decreasing effectiveness and relevance of multilateral bodies 
* The rising importance of India in the global ecosystem. The world has realized that they cannot keep India out of any global discussion.
* The importance of devising an ethical protocol to counter the impact of AI leading to job losses
*Railways focus on considering passengers as customers and higher footfall as an opportunity to monetize and not an obstacle
* Railway’s customer centricity via data-driven insights, customer-focused systems and processes, and accountability of each stakeholder
* Changing the mindset and culture often associated with government organizations via leading by example and ruthless execution

His life mantra was being obsessed with your work! A focused and productive madness to make it happen!
Giving your 100% and going “all in”!

Thank you Ms. Rekha Sethi, Director General, All India Management Association (AIMA), and Mr. Kartik Sharma, National Chairman, AIMA YLC, for being a wonderful host.


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