Coffee Chat with Nishant Chaturvedi
Coffee Chat with Nishant Chaturvedi

Coffee Chat with Nishant Chaturvedi

Coffee Chat with Nishant Chaturvedi

Coffee Chat with Nishant Chaturvedi

In the words of Nishant Chaturvedi Sir ( Senior Executive Editor TV9 )

” Parents never leave you !

They are always around …

You just need to open up your heart…

You will feel their presence around you …”

Nishant Chaturvedi

are now forever etched in my heart!

We are also thankful to you for your kind words during our Coffee Chat with Nishant Chaturvedi.

Everytime we meet you we are inspired to dig deeper and push harder in our pursuit of excellence.

You are a gentle soul with a very very positive & pure vibe.

We are extremely pumped up after meeting with you.

I assure you one day we would be a revolution!

Thank you once again for the love and support!

God bless you!


Please hear the podcast where he talks about us.

Respect Differences!

मतभेद ज़रूरी है!







About Arun Pandit

Arun Pandit was born in Kullu , Himachal Pradesh .

He worked as the Head of Sales for a Matrix Partners Funded Logistics
Startup ”LoadShare Networks “ .

Moreover, Arun Pandit is one of the youngest members of the FICCI National
Committee on Logistics .

And, he is also a member of the “Young Leaders Council ” at A.I.M.A.

Arun Pandit has met more than 600+ CXO / Logistics decision-makers and

Also Onboarded more than 225+ clients for FTL , PTL, DV & SAAS based
logistics solutions across India.

He has worked pan India across multiple sales and marketing roles with
organizations like Trux App , RPG Group , CEAT , PayUMoney and BlackBuck .

Arun Pandit doubles up as the Chief Encouragement Officer of “Don’t Give Up ®

Eventually, it is one of the Biggest not for profit Motivational Website and
Community in India.

Don’t Give Up World was selected as one of the “Top 12 Social Innovations in
India” by T.I.S.S. Mumbai.

He is currently in the final stages to publish a motivational book titled “Don’t Give Up ” : An anthology .

About arunpandit

Founder | Ex-Head of Sales (B2B) at LoadShare Networks | Featured author & Guest speaker at Multiple National and International events | Member YLC (AIMA) & FICCI National Logistics Committee | Ex TruxApp , BlackBuck , PayU & CEAT | Alumni of IIFT , GZSCET , Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra and St Mary's School Delhi

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