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Congratulations Manish Kheterpal sir – MD WaterBridge Ventures

Congrats Manish Kheterpal sir (MD WaterBridge Ventures) for raising 2nd fund at $150 million

Congrats Manish Kheterpal sir - MD WaterBridge Ventures

I met Manish Khetarpal sir at “Meraki “,

My last business plan competition which was held at Fortune Institute of International Business during my B-School Days at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade .
He commented
” You said that you will have retained earnings of Rs 35 Lakhs from Dont Give Up World !
The way you speak …
I am sure you can make much more than that by just speaking ! “.
These words served both as an encouragement as well as some much-needed food for thought.
These words helped me to push myself to always punch above my weight!

It helped me to think and dream bigger!
It helped me to think about greater possibilities that can make a meaningful and scalable impact.
Sometimes one word!

One moment can change your life!
That one moment gave me belief!
Thank you very much, sir.
I assure you I will fulfill and overachieve what you predicted 9 years ago…

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