500 MBA Club Maiden Session
500 MBA Club Maiden Session

500 MBA Club Maiden Session

500 MBA Club Maiden Session 500 MBA Club Maiden Session

We at The 500 MBA Club organized our first Maiden session on the “Members Preferred Choice Domain” i.e. Consulting.

Abhishek Ghosh (He/Him/His) & Krunal Shah helped the students and consulting aspirants.

So that they can understand the practical nuances of consulting as a career choice by a session moderated by Rahul Pariyani.

They took us through what a typical day of a consultant looks like and most importantly what it took to be a rockstar consultant.

They also emphasized the key traits that are common to most successful consultants.

Also the various avenues via which one can join consulting in top consulting firms across the globe.

The students got a flavor of the life of a consultant in the most candid manner.

They successfully broke a lot of myths popularly associated with consulting.

I felt that they were giving the advice that they would have given to their younger self !

It gave me a sense that I went back to my B-school days way back in 2010-12 at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade for some time.

I enjoyed the engagement.

This Maiden Session was both informative and inspiring !Thank you very much for sparing your time and valuable experiences!

500 MBA Club

The 500 MBA Club give me an opportunity to help give direction to the youth via an extremely talented , distinguished and renowned set of mentors and guides.

Which are from from Top schools such as Harvard Business School, Wharton , IIMs . IITs ,MIT Sloan to name a few.

The 500 MBA Club founded by Rahul Pariyani is in pursuit to make a meaningful impact to the life of millions of students.

By enabling them to make better-informed choices and develop into the future leaders of their organization and the nation.

I am happy to be a part of this mission by leading growth via memberships with various clubs and educational institutes across the globe.

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