Business Showers Base Camp Skill Labs
Business Showers Base Camp Skill Labs

Base Camp Skill Labs

Base Camp Skill Labs
Business Showers: Base Camp Skill Labs

# Base Camp Skill Labs

Elon Musk once said “Instead of baby showers, let’s host business showers for startup company entrepreneurs.”

I would like to introduce Base Camp Skill Labs – ” A Finishing School for Modern Jobs ” .

Base Camp Skill Labs is founded by my good friend and batchmate Mohit Jhurani from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

He along with his co-founder Mohit Malani are bridging skill gaps in Analytics and Workplace skills since 2019.

Talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not.

And hence, they strive to find the highly motivated and gritty talent across the country and enable them with skills to not just get the jobs they aspire for but also succeed at them.

They help build a Practical Portfolio that gets you an edgeYou work on projects and challenges that real data analysts tackle everyday.

Every project that you do is added to your portfolio to share with future employers. And the cherry on cake is …

You can jump start your career in Data analytics with ZERO upfront fee. Pay only after you hired !

They’re already serving clients like Zomato, Stanza Living, Shop Kirana, Urban Company & Rivigo to name a few.

They have already upskilled and upgraded 850+ Students across more than 14 top campuses across the country with the help of more than 15 subject & industry experts .

I and my team had undergone a course in E-commerce data analytics and I must confess it was one of the most practical and job-relevant courses that my team had undergone to date.

It is also helpful in getting the job and work done!

Reach out to Mohit Jhurani & Mohit Malani for more information.

You can also visit their website at

View more at

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