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Bob Rae : Meeting Canadian Ambassador to UN Bob Rae

Meeting Canadian Ambassador to UN – Bob Rae

Bob Rae : Meeting Canadian Ambassador to UN Bob Rae Arun Pandit Meeting Canadian Ambassador to UN Bob Rae

What an incredible honor to meet Ambassador Bob Rae sir during CSC2023 – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference – Canada 2023 while representing Hyphen SCS and India! 🇮🇳🌍

Ambassador Bob Rae role as Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York speaks volumes about his dedication to global diplomacy.

His previous positions as Canada’s Special Envoy to Myanmar and on Humanitarian and Refugee Issues highlight his commitment to addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

His political legacy as Premier of Ontario and interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada demonstrates his leadership and impact on Canadian politics.

During his tenure at Goodmans LLP, he made significant contributions by writing government reports on critical issues like the Air India bombing and higher education in Ontario, showcasing his deep expertise in public policy and law.
Ambassador Rae’s leadership extends to the arts and public policy, where he served as Chair of prominent organizations such as the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Institute for Research in Public Policy, and the Forum of Federations.

His dedication to education, including teaching law and public policy at the University of Toronto and in the VicOne programme at Victoria College, underscores his commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

His specialization in indigenous law and constitutional issues during his time at OKT LLP reflects his commitment to justice and equity for Indigenous communities.

Ambassador Bob Rae’s numerous prestigious accolades, including being a Privy Councillor, a Companion of the Order of Canada, and a member of the Order of Ontario, are a testament to his exceptional contributions to Canada and the world.

Meeting him was a truly enlightening experience, and I am inspired by his remarkable career and dedication to making a positive impact on our global community. 🌟🤝

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