Linkedin 10000 Connections Achievement Arun Pandit

Linkedin 10000 Conections Arun Pandit

LiLinkedin 10000 Connections Achievement Arun Pandit

I started my Linkedin journey in 2010 after joining Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. I did not know much about Linkedin and the value of a good network. It took me 9 years to reach the 5000+ Connection mark and the 10,000+ mark in less than 2 years after that.

What changed? I started to focus more on creating content, engaging, and interacting with other members. I was able to connect and learn from so many great professionals directly as well as through the content they published.

LinkedIn has also provided me with multiple opportunities wrt guest speaker invites and partnerships.
Key Learning: What you nurture grows.
Will try to further add value to the ecosystem and grow more connection instead of just more contacts.

Thank you everyone for supporting and encouraging me across this wonderful journey. Appreciated!

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About arunpandit

Founder and Head of Sales (B2B) at LoadShare Networks | Featured author & Guest speaker at National and Internatational events | Member YLC (AIMA) & FICCI National Logistics Committee | Ex TruxApp , BlackBuck , PayU & CEAT | Alumni of IIFT , GZSCET , Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra and St Mary's School Delhi

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