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This post is in continuation to my earlier tutorial on the Best Practices: How to write an effective CV / Resume for India .   The post got around 2000 views from more than 16 countries. Getting your CV right is the first step towards your job search . A good cv helps you get the coveted interview call.

A lot of the readers came back to me and wanted to know what all questions can be asked in an interview for logistics , operations and supply chain related jobs . They also wanted to know where all can they apply for jobs related to operations , logistics , supply chain, etc . I have tried to some of the questions that I generally ask during interviews and some of the questions that I have encountered during my career . These are mostly specific to surface logistics . I have segregated the same into three parts : fresher , Sales & Operations .

After these questions I have share the links to a pretty comprehensive list of career and job sites for top logistics companies in India . It’s advisable that one should apply via the company sites wherever possible . I have also shared a list of links to specific areas of job sites for such roles . Its my humble attempt to help you all with whatever limited knowledge I have accumulated across the years. Please feel free to share feedback and inputs that can be added to this post to make it better and beneficial for the readers . Thank you .

Sample Questions & traits : fresher 

  • Mostly CV specific . Gauge overall attitude and technical skill set
  • Sales pitch / operations case study
  • Industry overview : Did they read any reports about the industries
  • Awareness about top logistics companies
  • Certifications : SCM Pro / Six Sigma etc
  • Awards and honors
  • Analytical and excel skills
  • Did they talk to some of the people in the company ?
  • Did they visit the company website ?
  • What did they get to know about the company ? The USP / regions / founder and top management ?
  • Did they go thru the profile of existing employees ? The ones who joined as fresher in the earlier years ? 
  • Awareness about other  logistics companies
  • Reason for joining an Industry / role which is less glamorous and more hands on  ?
  • Any relevant live projects
  • Specialization and key relevant  academic projects
  • Relevant course work
  • Examples of SCM in college life / functions / events etc 
  • Did the candidate look into the profile of the interviewer ?
  • Idols : Personal and professional
  • Hobbies & Unique points
  • Papers published / Competitions participated / won
  • Funnel thinking
  • Guesstimates and case studies
  • Books they read
  • Key SCM tools / softwares used if any .

Sample Questions & traits : Logistics Sales Profiles

  • Previous companies details
  • Focus area PTL ( Part Truck Load )  , FTL ( Full Truck Load) , DV ( Dedicated Vehicles / Leased Vehicles ) & warehousing
  • Job role : KAM ( Key Account Manager , Inside Sales , Business Development )
  • Key Industries served along with top clients
  • Top clients along with breakup of revenue
  • Total sales funnel or prospect list
  • Total revenue : Breakup PTL , FTL, DV & Warehousing
  • Average Gross margin / contribution / yield
  • Names of client decision makers to verify authenticity
  • Regions served , Regional snapshot along with key challenges faced
  • Average Payment terms & daily outstanding maintained
  • Client on boarding terms and conditions
  • Liability clauses in contracts of their clients
  • Vehicle types knowledge : Size / Volume
  • Key routes freight cost
  • PTL key terms and conditions / CFT etc
  • Bidding Platforms used
  • Logistics management softwares used ( Internal or external )
  • Excel skills (  Vlookup , Pivot etc )
  • Presentation Skills
  • Operations knowledge ( Working )
  • Insurance clauses
  • Top competitors along with market share
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Compensation : Breakup of Fixed and variable
  • Esops if any
  • Reporting manager
  • References general and in my company
  • Company knowledge ( Where applied )
  • Communication skills
  • Case study
  • Existing company pitch to me . Considering me a client.
  • CV : How well written ?
  • Region / Industry specific knowledge depending upon the role
  • Company changing frequency
  • Certifications / trainings undertaken
  • Awards and honors : Personal and professional
  • Biggest challenges / issue resolved
  • Biggest professional achievement
  • Key learning from each company worked for
  • Best practices from each company worked for
  • Worst practices from each company worked for
  • Family background
  • Reason for applying
  • Expected career progression
  • Questions about working in a startup environment / operations heavy environment
  • The quality of questions asked by candidate
  • Average time to convert leads : Leads life cycle and hit rate
  • Team management experience
  • Data driven / analytical skills
  • Ecom / Non Ecom split 
  • Key Lead sources : How do they generate leads
  • Typical day run through of activities undergone
  • Cold calling comfort
  • How do they calculate potential of client
  • How do they  gauge clients financial ability to pay in time
  • Pricing related basic knowledge
  • Unit economics

Sample Questions & traits : Operations Profiles

Most of the questions are operations specific iterations of above mentioned questions .

Sharing few operations specific questions in addition to the above ones

  • Vendor base PTL / FTL /  DV
  • Enhanced Excel / Tableau / Analytics skills for senior profiles
  • SCM certifications
  • Unit economics
  • Detailed vehicle type knowledge
  • Case study : Ask to share rates for some live RFQ or existing RFQ
  • Calculation of working cost of vehicles per trip
  • Regional knowledge and seasonality
  • Pilferage / demiurge / detention related questions
  • Route planning and vehicle decision factor
  • Warehouse location decision factor
  • PTL vehicle , route selection and optimization
  • How do they calculate rates for long-term contracts
  • Risk Purchase
  • Industry / Client / regions wise challenges
  • Key vendors / transporters and competitors
  • POD sensitization . Average lead time to get PODs
  • Managing payment delays and getting credit from vendors
  • Team management
  • Logistics documentation / LR etc key areas to consider
  • Biggest costing mistake made
  • Vendor identification process / validation and on boarding
  • Biggest win wrt optimization
  • Jugaad done to cut cost / improve SLA
  • SLA sensitivity
  • Bidding experience
  • Some client connects developed over the years

Some links to find SCM / Operations / Logistics related jobs :  New age Startups FTL & PTL

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Some links to find SCM / Operations / Logistics related jobs :   SAAS Based / GPS 

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Wheels Eye Careers & Jobs 

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Some links to find SCM / Operations / Logistics related jobs : Traditional Logistics Companies 

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Some links to find SCM / Operations / Logistics related jobs : Job Portals

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